Nasa Delays Launch Of Its Next Mars Rover Because Of An Issue


Prepping Perseverance for launch this summer has already Host life.

Perseverance’s rocket, an Atlas V rocket operated and manufactured by the United Launch Alliance.

NASA and other space agencies only have a small window of time every two years to send spacecraft to Mars, when the Red Planet comes closest to Earth on its orbit around the Sun.

NASA has already pushed back the launch several times before, to July 20th and then to July 22nd, due to issues with the floor equipment that supports the launching.

If NASA misses the chance this summer to start Perseverance, the bureau would have to wait until 2022 to try again.

Been an arduous process for the mission team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, because of this COVID-19 pandemic.

All the while, the rover’s rapidly approaching launch window loomed over everybody.

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