Russia Just Tested Satellite Destroying Tech In Space


The United States of America, in coordination with our Distance.

It is not strange for satellites to discharge satellites.

Raymond has known such satellite deployments as comparable to Russian nesting doll technology.

We do not have definitive evidence, but I believe that it is.

It stands out as distinct from the rest of the rendezvous and proximity operations which have been happening.

The Russian satellite system utilised to run this on-orbit weapons evaluation is precisely the same satellite system which we raised worries about before this season when Russia manoeuvred near a U.S. government satellite.

Yet another satellite set up kosmos 2543. In January, satellite trackers discovered the two satellites appeared to be stalking a US spy satellite named USA 245.

The Department of Defense Considers that Russia Could have On July 15th, a satellite Named Kosmos 2543 capabilities.

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